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02/15/2006 - Dr Hill attends the 2006 Joint NSBP/NSHP conference
Dr. Hill along with one of ultracold group students, Erick Andrade, attend the 2006 Joint NSBP/NSHP meeting in San Jose, CA. Phillip Land, an alumnus of the group who is now in grad school at Alabama A&M, won 4th place for best poster.

04/26/2006 - Hill student to collaborate with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr Hill has initiated a collaboration with Ronnie Shepard of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to investigate the application of pulse shaping on some of Livermore's "big hammer" laser systems. Lee Elberson will be spending about 12 weeks out there this year and possibly next year as well.

05/15/2006 - Hill's group to attend CLEO 2006
Dr Hill along with student Lee Elberson to attend CLEO 2006 in Long Beach during May 15th-19th.

05/21/2006 - Hill's Lab to attend DAMOP 2006
Dr Hill along with students from both his ultracold & ultrafast lab will participate in the DAMOP conference during May 21st-26th 2006.

05/27/2005 - Hill's lab attends CLEO 2005 conference
Dr Hill and his students attend the 2005 CLEO conference on May 22-27. One of the most exciting parts of the conference can be browsing the vendor's exhibits and collecting all the toys they have to give away including USB hubs, t-shirts, hats, laser pointers, and much more!

06/5/2006 - Hill's lab attends 2006 Anomalous Absorption Conference
Dr Hill and student Lee Elberson attend the 36th Anomalous Absorption Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on June 4th - 9th, 2006. The attendance was part of an objective of the lab to interface with plasma physicists in order to collaborate. Many of the field's top researchers were there to participate. This effort was made in lieu of the recent collaboration started with Ronnie Shepherd of Livermore National Lab.

08/25/2005 - Ultrafast lab visits Germany!
Dr Hill along with two of his students from the ultrafast lab, Lee Elberson & Getahun Menkir attended the 2005 Intense Laser-Matter Interaction and Pulse Propagation workshop in Dresden, Germany. The intense three week workshop focused on the application of ultrafast lasers and included the top minds in the field. Dr Hill presented a series of lectures and his students presented posters. The workshop was hosted at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems and the hosts were gracious enough to take the participants on a series of tours to many culture-rich German towns.

08/3/2007 - Hill student attends High Energy Density Physics summer school
Lee Elberson attended the 2007 HEDP summer school held at UC San Diego. During the week, lectures were taught during the day and in the evening students gave poster presentations and socialized.

09/28/2006 - Joint Quantum Institute is formed
Joint Quantum Institute Created by University of Maryland, NIST and NSA
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